Only 1% of the global water reserves can be used as drinking water. We work every day to process the remaining amount of water so as to achieve the best quality for every area of use.

Disinfection of humidification water

During production, especially ripening and storage, unpackaged food constantly loses weight due to drying. To minimize this weight loss, the storage or ripening room is often humidified. With humidification, however, another risk your precious products get exposed to rises dramatically. The microorganisms in humidification water or even in the pipes of humidification systems pose a serious contamination risk to your precious products. The high relative humidity also provides a far better environment for mould or other microorganisms to develop.


Weighing up the level of humidification and the higher risks of contamination often determines the quality of your products. A regular thorough cleaning is often not possible since due to the necessary ripening time the products have to stay in the respective rooms.



Adding the active ingredient L.O.G. four W5 to humidification water is highly effective against all types of microorganisms (among others, Listeria, Salmonella, Legionella). The active ingredient L.O.G. four W5, which consists of substances analytically the same as they occur in foodstuffs, achieves germ reduction rates of over log 6, which is confirmed by the practical use of several dairy factories and by tests according to DIN EN 13697


Active ingredient L.O.G. four W5

In humidification systems, L.O.G. four W5 is used.

  • in the EU classified as food processing aid
  • you do not have to indicate its use on the packaging and there are no residues on the product
  • no alcoholic components or any other chemically questionable substances (e.g. silver components) used
  • absolutely non-toxic (not even full staff attendance is a problem)
  • easy to add to humidification water
  • Non-corrosive
  • No filter necessary