Germ elimination technology at slicer lines

Producing and processing meat products start being hygienically critical mostly directly after the thermal processing in the cold store or the ripening room. Already indoor air and the germs in it pose the first risk of contamination to your sensitive products. A professional solution starts with eliminating germs in indoor air.


AirSolution germ elimination technology in use

AirSolution active germ elimination contributes to hygiene in the production area in which it permanently keeps the number of germs at a low level on all surfaces, as well as on slicers, cutters and conveyor and transfer belt by nebulizing L.O.G. four. After having applied and peeled the product, the whole process is automatically and hygienically secured, thanks to the micro-fine fog of the active ingredient. This way a re-contamination of the products during processing is significantly reduced. The total number of germs at the beginning and end of the “best before date” is reduced and the shelf-life prolonged

With integrating the individual nebulization modules into the processing machines and conveyor belts, the whole production line is hygienically secured. Possibly necessary interim disinfections can be reduced or even completely skipped.


Nebulization module at the slicer knife                              Nebulization module at conveyor belts          



Active germ elimination technology in use at conveyor belts


Secured product variety

Following products are already processed with the hygiene securing AirSolution technology:

  • cooked cured products
  • roasted products
  • cooked sausage
  • raw sausage
  • sliced cheese



  • retrofitting of existing slicer lines including packaging machines


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