Germ elimination technology on packaging machines

The majority of food comes and is being offered today pre-packaged. The last step of fresh food being processed, which affects the hygiene and with that the microbiological stability of the product, is the packaging and sealing.

The requirement is that food (especially fresh products, like cold cuts, sausages, break-bulk, fresh bakery products and many more) is stable in the end packaging. Prerequisite for this is a hygienic packaging and a hygienically secure packaging process.


AirSolution germ elimination technology in use

AirSolution active germ elimination is used during the entire processing and packaging. When hygienically securing packaging machines, the headspace of the still open packaging and the top and bottom foil is subjected to our active ingredient, in the form of a fine fog. There are no residues on the surfaces and the use of the active germ elimination does not have to be indicated on the packaging. The micro-fine fog of the active ingredient is emitted continuously during the whole process and spreads evenly everywhere. The microorganisms on the surface of the packaging materials and in the headspace are directly targeted and destroyed.

This way the contamination risk via indoor air and packaging materials is permanently minimized. The total number of germs at the beginning and end of the “best before date” is reduced and the shelf-life prolonged..

The required nebulization modules are installed generally at the bottom area of the machines and invisible from the outside. The control is fully automated and is potential-free locked with the packaging machine.


Active germ elimination on a foil packaging machine


Nebulization in the headspace


Following products are packaged with the hygiene securing AirSolution technology

  • sausages / cold cuts
  • break-bulk
  • bakery products
  • cheese / sliced cheese



  • retrofitting of existing packaging machines and slicer lines


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