Germ elimination in indoor air and clean rooms

The unique active ingredient L.O.G. four is the fundament of preventive germ elimination in indoor air and on surfaces in the production area. With specially developed modules for cold nebulization, the active ingredient is emitted into the volume flow of the air conditioning plant. Thanks to the micro-atomization, the emitted active ingredient covers the entire room, that is all surfaces and the entire indoor air volume are reached.

Since all surfaces are completely reached, besides a better hygiene in the room and on surfaces, biofilm is actively eliminated on processing machines and process technology at the same time, which significantly reduces corrosion caused by these biofilms.


AirSolution germ elimination technology in use

When hygienically stabilizing indoor air, depending on the quantity and type of incoming air, up to 1 ml/m3h active ingredient is emitted. The necessary number of nebulization modules depends on the capacity of the air conditioning plant and the technical conditions. Alternatively, the nebulization modules can also be independently installed. In this case, for example, in a cold store, the nebulization modules are installed on the pressure side of the cooling ventilators. This results in the even distribution of the active ingredient in the cold store.


Germ elimination modules in front of circulating air cooling units


Germ elimination modules in an air conditioning plant (left) and outside the ventilation duct (right)


Schematic arrangement/plan of nebulization modules in front of the cooling units or air discharge points


There are no system components installed on the floor or in working height, which prevents limitations in the working area, at product deliveries or at transfers into other rooms.



Secured product variety

The AirSolution technology has already improved and helped secure hygiene in:

  • cold stores/cooling towers
  • production/packaging areas
  • ripening rooms
  • clean rooms



  • fix installation into existing and new air conditioning plant
  • installation outside the ventilation system
  • fix installation in front of (cooling) ventilators


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