Germ elimination at filling and sealing systems

In stabilizing the hygienic status of dairy and delicatessen products of the “white” line, the filling of the end packaging and the sealing significantly affect the overall product hygiene.

With the continuous use of the AirSolution technology in filling and sealing systems, your end products are significantly less contaminated by yeasts and mould and will stay so on a long-term basis. This leads to a long-term and sustainable hygiene security, which in return significantly secures the “best before date” and may even extend it.

To stabilize the “best before date”, AirSolution hygiene technology is used. Nebulization modules are installed in the filling systems and L.O.G. four is emitted.


AirSolution germ elimination technology in use

In total, 2 nebulization modules are installed at, from a hygienic point of view, critical points, such as empty cups , headspace and closing lids/foil. Each module emits appr. 205ml L.O.G. four per operating hour at full capacity – the modules can be potentiometric adjusted. According to practice and experience so far, emitting a total of 300ml per operating hour significantly reduces the total number of germs and the contamination by yeasts and mould.


Germ elimination of empty cups, headspace and closing lids



Efficacy / Product tests from customers

productions, 200 random samples of yogurt have been taken and examined for mould formation, both without and with the use of AirSolution technology in the filling system.

A significant reduction of mould and the permanently measurable lower limit is at less than 0,3% mould. Longitudinal examinations have constantly confirmed the stable values.

Temperature (filling area)

25,5 °C (77.9 F)

Rel. humidity (filling area)

50 %

Conditions outside

21 °C (69.8 F); 67 % rel. hum.

Usage of L.O.G. four

300 ml/h

8 h

2400 ml


Mould storage test yogurt


Requirements for the efficacy of AirSolution

The AirSolution technology is an efficient, long-term and sustainable method of securing your filling systems in the dairy and delicatessen industry. The following requirements have to be met for the effective use:


  • a germ-free product has to be taken out of the filling valve
  • the filling system has to be (closed, that is) fully automated
  • no intervention of operators during production
  • the filling system should be completely encased
  • the AirSolution machine has to be interlocked with the filling system


Secured product variety

Following products are filled with the hygiene securing AirSolution technology:

  • yogurt
  • cream cheese products
  • desserts
  • delicatessen salad
  • beverages



  • retrofitting of existing filling systems (round- and linear filling systems)
  • Directly available at following manufacturers:
    • TREPKO
    • Grunwald
    • Novapac
    • Galdi


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