We develop, create and install systems for the disinfection of indoor air, surfaces and water – for the industrial use in the FOOD sector.

We are a reliable partner and offer highly innovative solutions when in the field of food safety. AirSolution provides solutions and services in order to bring hygiene standards to a whole new level and secure these on a long-term basis and in a sustainable manner – completely without regular chemicals.


Our Vision

Our goal is to become the preferred supplier of natural germ- and bacteria-reduction solutions – by delivering innovative products and processes and a world-class solution to the best cost-benefit ratio.


Worldwide Unique Innovation

Food technologist Ralf Ohlmann laid the foundations for AirSolution in 2000. His developments lead to the effective germ-elimination in the air and on the surfaces of closed spaces and with that, the establishment of the no-touch disinfection.

The AirSolution technology has proven itself many times and has become a byword for natural hygiene. In the medical and industrial arena it is more and more frequently and with more and more efficacy used to combat germs and 

bacteria – among others, MRSA, Norovirus and Legionella.


AirSolution relies solely on purely natural ingredients, which are used in a preventive manner in all sensitive areas of hygiene. This way we deliver a true added value to the society, economy and environment.

By now, AirSolution is active in 21 countries.


AirSolution Code of Conduct

AirSolution pledges to conduct business all over the world with integrity, fairness and respect.


Customers & References

We appreciate our customers and have committed ourselves to provide innovative products of the highest quality. We work closely together with our customers in order to tackle the challenges of Quality Assurance – may these concern air or water.


References in this sensitive area of hygiene are a strong proof of trust – and we are thankful for that. We are very proud that our customers are among the most innovative representatives of their branch since they use AirSolution as prevention and to secure their products on a long-term basis and in a sustainable manner.